Browns off season.

Well playoff are about to begin, which of course means its another Cleveland Browns off season of questions. Biggest is where do we start with our own free agents. We have to at least make an effort to try and re sign Hillis. Dont throw stupid money, but maybe big money if incentive laden in the contract. Running back is a findable position.

Draft, QB, WR, where do we begin.

If we CAN, and thats a big if, we should try and get Luck. Biggest prospect by pure ratings and grades coming out since Manning. I have no problem looking at RG3 as long as he has the size to be NFL caliber QB, Brees and Vick, (McCoy) are not the rule but the exception to size being a factor at the most important position in all of sports. Think Mcnabb, Big Ben, Brady, Manning, on and on.

If we are not looking to draft QB than what is elite at the #4 spot? WR? RB? LT? CB? Luckily we actually have some talent already in place at these positions. WR…..Is Blackmon going to be Green like or more like Crabtree? He worries me, my gut tells me he is not going to measure well at the combine. (I know I’m talking size again). But how many ELITE receivers (Read top five picks) are not at least 6’2. I can think of very few I would draft that high, maybe only Steve Smith (CAR). I dont think combine is the last answer but i like true height and speed numbers at WR for sure.

LT…..Zero discussion needed other than you dont take a RT at 4. Period.

CB? This is interesting to me. If we are not looking QB here which would have to be RG3 than whats the plan? Could we move down a slot or two and land Claiborne (sp?) to put with Haden. Maybe? I did start to think Big Buster Skrine started to look more and more comfortable out there. Is the brain trust thinking the same?

Bottom line is this, we need WR play no matter what we do at QB or RB. I hope Blackmon is legit, but right now im not sure. RG3 is accurate, smart, runs like a deer and will be a good lockeroom personality. No diva crap. BUT is he Big enough? Whats his arm strength like? Questions, hope some are answered and we can hit the HR this draft on offensive side of the ball. I like us getting another DE who can get after the QB in this draft as well.

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